Quality Policy



The senior management of the company is responsible for establishing the business policy of the company and ensuring that the company’s purposes and objectives are established and reviewed periodically in accordance with the requirements of specifications 45001:2018 & ISO 9001:2015 ISO & ISO 17025:2017


customer satisfaction by offering a good product that meets client requirements, needs and expectations, as well as technical prescriptions and government and official requirements.


Human resources development through continuous training to increase skills and capacities and encourage teamwork to help it create the best working environment.


Emphasizing that product quality, environmental conservation and accident prevention are better than treating them in the first place.


Continuous development and improvement of the company’s business system by adopting the requirements of Global Standards 45001:2018 & ISO 9001:2015 ISO & ISO 17025:2017 Compliance with legal, legislative and other requirements relating to the activity of the company and full commitment to the preservation, health and safety of all employees of the company and to the prevention of accidents, injuries and occupational diseases resulting from the activity of the company.

 The Occupational Quality, Safety and Health Policy is reviewed annually to ensure its continued relevance to the company’s activity.
  The objectives of the company are set in line with the above policy and the attitude of their implementation is followed up periodically

And based on  that

The company supports all activities necessary to improve quality, safety and occupational health systems, which is the way to achieve quality, safety and occupational health policy.

The company requires its employees at all levels to abide by the principle of customer satisfaction in order to determine the exact requirements and requirements of the customer and to ensure that the products delivered conform to these requirements, the technical specifications of the product and the legal requirements.

The company measures and continuously increases quality improvement.

The company periodically reassesses quality, safety and occupational health systems to ensure the effectiveness of the system, at least once during management audits.

The company’s employees are involved in the creation and revision of the company’s objectives, which are consistent with the quality and occupational health policy.

The company’s policy is monitored and reviewed annually (at a minimum) to achieve continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.

The policy is delivered to all levels of the company’s work, and the company’s general manager checks this out using a sample method to assure that the policy is accessible and understood by all employees.

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