Sarokhen Thinner

A combination of selected solvents for Nitrocellulose Coatings to reduce the viscosity of the product before the application.

Dababa Thinner

It is based on a mixture of esters, glycol, aromatic solvents and ketones.IT provide a suitable diluents to all nitro products.


PU Thinner is a mix of aromatic hydrocarbon, ester and ketone.It is suitable for polyurethane based sealer, primer, clear, and pigmented topcoat.

BolyEster Thinner

This polyester thinner is a mixture of special thinners, which results in a product with definite evaporation temperatures.

2K Clearcoat Wood Hardener H50

Its special hardener consists of best type of aliphatic poly isocyanate resins, its design especially for Wood acrylic varnish 8800.